Increased Rental Prices Leads To Increased Parking Headaches

Living in apartments has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Due to the increase in rental prices, many people now share a small living space and need two parking spots: more people living together means more vehicles and with the same parking spaces available increases parking headaches for building owners.

When residents don’t have a parking spot for all their cars, it becomes even more challenging when someone has a party, and there is no extra space for even one car. Parking issues may look small, but they can become a big challenge if they are not addressed and managed correctly.

Common Parking Issues

What do you do when there are more vehicles than parking spots per home? You need to organize parking strategically to accommodate the maximum number of cars in the space available. There are many common parking issues that apartment residents face at some point, such as:

  1. Other residents parking in their designated spot.
  2. Visitors parking randomly in no parking zone.
  3. Can’t find parking spots near the building.

After a long day of work, it is challenging for residents to drive around the parking lot to find a spot. So when they are looking for apartments and condos, they will choose the one with assigned parking spots or enough parking spots to find one near their home after a long working day.

Many common and simple parking issues can be solved quickly if parking management software is used effectively. In addition, management can send messages and email to people to spread parking awareness.

Once the residents know the parking rules, they will make a point to educate their visitors. They will be able to solve the parking problem on their own to a great extent. But as building owners should know, all residents and visitor parking building issues can be solved with parking management software. Here’s how:

Guest Parking

Ownership can decide the rules and times for guest parking. You can restrict the number of guest parking spots per resident. Users will be able to book a spot for their guests from anywhere and anytime.

The software will track how many guest parking spots are needed against how many are available. Guest vehicles are monitored by their license number and managed by the software.

Resident Registration

Each resident will submit their vehicle application online so the software can keep a record of the number of vehicles they own and their license plate numbers. This helps the property manager to review paperwork of the resident’s car, lease and personal information to assign a parking spot.

Once the parking spots are assigned, you can set strict parking standards by setting fines for breaking the rules. Parking management software records all data and can suggest appropriate action against the violators.

Resident Approval Portal

With this feature, the business owner/manager can verify the resident’s driver’s license, vehicle insurance, and registration. This will ensure that only authorized residents are provided parking permits.

Once your residents have assigned parking spots, you can decide how many guest parking spots you want to offer.


Business owners can communicate directly with the users by sending messages. You can inform your users about any updated parking rules. This will help the residents to start practicing new regulations and keep a healthy parking environment.

Patrol System

As a manager or business owner, you would probably like to increase parking revenue, maintain parking etiquette and maximize space utilization. Parking management software allows the lot monitoring team or individual to export data from the system, including photos, time-stamps and written violation descriptions which can be sent via text or email to the parking rules violator.

License Plate Readers (LPR)

Some parking management software enables readers mounted on patrol cars to identify unauthorized vehicles. These readers can scan the vehicle’s license plate and convert images into data for creating reports. You can also monitor guest vehicles by scanning their number plates using LPRs mounted on the patrol cars.

Built-In Payment Gateway

Users can pay for their parking spot from anywhere. Everything is digital with some parking management systems, in fact, even the parking passes are digital. Residents can easily purchase guest parking passes via parking software and renew their parking fees whenever required.


Many users may need to park their vehicles on the street when there aren’t enough parking spots. They can communicate with the parking manager and place their car on the do-not-tow list. They will not have to call the enforcement authorities every day. This feature is valuable for users who do not have assigned parking for all their cars.

Final Thoughts

As rents may increase with time, so more people will move in together, and thus there may not be enough parking for everyone. So having efficient parking management software can reduce parking headaches, help to increase revenue, and maximize parking space.

Parking management software can help manage assigned parking spots, record vehicles entering and exiting the premises, customize parking rules, manage guest parking, etc. With good parking management software, virtually all parking problems can be solved.

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