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What Do Our Customers Say?

Evelyn H. - Property Manager

Before ParkingPass was Implemented at the property I manage, I was unable to account for the residents. I had no idea who had a shady background or who was allowed to live in the community. With the ParkingPass system, not only are the resident ALL registered but we have been able to generate income for the Association which has help with improving the community

Stephanie F. - Property Manager

Overall it's been a great asset to my community that has struggled with parking so much in the past. These past four years with ParkingPass has been a stress reliever to say the least!

Multifamily Parking Software Provider

Parking at multifamily developments and apartment buildings can be a little challenging, especially if the development does not have enough parking for residents and guests. After a long day at work, residents do not want to come home and fight for parking. Or worse, end up without a parking space.

We get it. Parking is valuable and, oftentimes, limited. The only way to ensure that residents get a parking space is to make sure that parking rules are clear and enforced. After all, parking rules and regulations mean nothing unless they are appropriately and consistently enforced.

Our proprietary parking software solution makes it easy for asset owners, management and security to enforce parking rules and regulations. In turn, residents and their guests have a better parking experience.

Why Parking Pass?

  • Eco-Friendly, Paperless Option
  • Trusted Nationwide Since 2018
  • Trusted by a Wide-Range of Industries
  • Over 1 Million Unauthorized Vehicles Found
  • Over 250,000 Users
  • Best Price on the Market
  • Custom-Fit Software

Multifamily Parking Software Benefits Truck
  • 24/7 Parking Portal

    Our parking portal allows residents to register online and provide required vehicle paperwork in our paperless resident registration. Once approved, residents have the ability to register guest vehicles while the software ensures that guest parking limitations and rules are being maintained and enforced.

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  • Save Money & Generate Revenue

    Parking management can be costly. But, not our software, which is reasonably priced. In fact, it is one of the least costly parking solutions on the market. Generate revenue by charging for parking permits or lot monitoring services with our built-in payment gateway.

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  • Added Security

    Residents and guests appreciate efforts to protect their safety and security. Our software does just that. Security and patrol personnel can use our license plate reader cameras or online plate search to determine whether or not a vehicle belongs to the multifamily property. In turn, residents can feel safer knowing that vehicles belong to registered residents and guests.

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  • Smart Technology offers smart technology features that facilitate more efficient parking management such as our LPR (license plate reader) integration, e-permit system, parking spot management tool, and much more.

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  • Parking Insights

    Our software helps you gather parking insights from your community. You can discover who is consistently parking in your lot overnight, an unauthorized occupant or vacation rental, a repeat violator of the rules & regulations, and more.

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