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When patrolling a parking lot or residential parking space, finding out who should and shouldn’t be in your parking spaces should be simple. makes managing parking situations easy with our license plate readers. Some of our options include:

  • Mobile App License Plate Reader
  • Vehicle Mounted License Plate Reader
  • Stationary License Plate Reader

By partnering with us at, our software and license plate readers work seamlessly to allow you to take control of your parking situation and create parking solutions. Some of the reasons to partner with us would be:

  • Custom Parking Rules and Regulations
  • 24/7 Access Portal
  • Fully Paperless
  • Announcement and Messaging Options

To get started with us, fill out our simple online contact form, or call us at (800) 322-5535 and see how can help you create parking solutions.

With, we make managing your parking lots and residential spaces straightforward. In addition, we offer license plate readers that integrate with our software to create efficiency by ensuring who is parked in your lots belongs there. 

Our license plate readers have various mounting options to fit your needs, from a vehicle mount, stationary mount, or a mobile app version. In addition, each reader connects with our software to create a seamless and straightforward way to track and manage cars in your parking lots.


Types of LPRs has three license plate reader models that are used in different ways to meet parking lot needs. Our license plate readers come in three different configurations that can be used either separately or in conjunction with each other. These options are:

    • Mobile App: With our software, our parking lot owners can download our license plate reader app to their smartphones and start scanning from there. Utilizing a car mount, you can position your phone in line with license plates, allowing you to scan each plate quickly. 
    • Car Mounted: With a car-mounted reader, you’ll be able to scan plates from the front of your vehicle, and the data and information will appear on a laptop in the vehicle. These readers can also capture plates in motion as these car-mounted readers are often used in law enforcement.
    • Stationary: These readers are used in fixed locations such as a traffic light or telephone pole and can be arranged with other license plate readers to cover a large area. Using arrays of license plate readers, you can gather additional information, such as the direction and speed of the vehicle caught by the reader. 

    Our three options have the correct reader type for every parking lot or residential parking zone. You can use one or multiple readers in conjunction to decrease your patrol times and efficiently cite those who shouldn’t be in your parking lots. 

    The Benefits of

    Whether you’re managing residential or commercial parking spaces, go with to create a simple and hassle-free parking lot environment. By using our software, you can also enjoy benefits such as:

    • Custom Parking Rules and Regulations: Our software allows you to set your own rules and regulations, fitting your exact parking lot needs to help create solutions and stress-free parking for your guests, residents, or eventgoers. 
    • 24/7 Access Portal: With our access portal, you can send and receive payment, permits, and citations whenever necessary. 
    • Fully Paperless: By going entirely paperless, you’ll never have to worry about running out of citation slips or losing any documentation. Everything is handled within our software for ease of use. 
    • Announcements and Messages: Within our software, we make it easy and simple for parking lot owners to message their residents and customers about parking rules, regulations, or individual messages. 

    By going with, we have the right devices for your license plate reading needs and the software to create simple and seamless parking lot regulation and management. 


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    With, we allow users to easily track vehicles in their parking lots with our various license plate readers. We have multiple options to suit any need or parking situation, along with the opportunity to combine readers into one seamless network for your lot. 

    To get started with, fill out our simple and free online contact form, or call us at (800) 322-5535 and turn your parking lot management issues into parking lot solutions. 

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