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What Do Our Customers Say?

Stephanie F. - Property Manager

Overall it's been a great asset to my community that has struggled with parking so much in the past. These past four years with ParkingPass has been a stress reliever to say the least!

Carlos G. - Property Manager

ParkingPass takes care of our parking headaches. It simplifies the process and it puts the accountability where it should be, on the residents.

Dwayne W. - Lot Enforcement Owner

The ParkingPass software has been exceptional. The integrated LPR cameras have made it easy for our patrollers to enforce the parking rules in the communities, with less risk of givebacks. We would highly recommend any property manager, towing or security company to utilize this software.

The Arden Apartments

Our community is utilizing this program for Parking Management and it has truly been a blessing! With tight parking for 198 units, this program allows us to monitor and manage vehicle registrations, illegal parking and limit vehicles per unit. The team is wonderful to work with, quick to respond, and helpful with all of our questions. Would highly recommend to anyone with tight parking as it helps to manage the daily headache of parking in a community.

Digital Parking Permits

In today’s fast-paced world, efficient parking management is extremely important, which is why we offer Digital Parking Permits as a feature of our parking management software at Our state-of-the-art, paperless parking management software is designed to provide users and customers with a seamless experience managing their digital parking permits online.

Parking Pass has developed a paperless parking management software that facilitates the easy online management of these digital permits. We designed the digital parking permit feature to increase permit revenues, provide a comprehensive parking experience and simplify the enforcement process. As parking management continues to evolve, it is essential to utilize the tools to best manage your parking lot.

Digital Parking Permits FAQs

Residents do not want to put decals on their vehicles, and a paperless parking permit system decreases foot traffic within the management offices.

Mathieu Boileau - Owner ParkingPass.

Benefits of Digital Park Permits

  • Easy Online Management

    Reduce those parking hiccups with our user-friendly online platform. It's a breeze to register, renew, or adjust your permits using our integrated payment system.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    It promises an improved parking experience, ensuring users find value every time they access the system.

  • Parking Permit Enforcement

    Permits are entered into our centralized data management system which allows property managers to easily see who has a certain type of permit (resident versus guest parking) and enforce the policies and regulations, respectively.

  • Online Data Access

    Users can easily access digital parking permit data, making information retrieval straightforward.

How Does the Digital Parking Permit System Work?

Digital parking permits enhance the traditional parking system by providing a seamless, paperless, and efficient method of managing parking spaces. Instead of physical stickers or hang tags, users register their vehicles online and receive a digital permit. The software then links the permit to their license plate numbers. Specialized devices can scan and read the license plates attached to the permits, ensuring quick and hassle-free entry and exit from parking lots.’s software offers a state-of-the-art digital parking permit system. By integrating features like Online Parking Registration and Approval and License Plate Readers,’s software easily identifies vehicles with permits.

Our unique mobile app LPR feature further streamlines the process, making parking management a breeze for property managers and lot owners.

What Are the Security Measures for Preventing Fraud and Misuse?

Security is extremely important in the current digital age, especially regarding parking lots. Digital parking permits employ advanced encryption and validation methods to prevent unauthorized access and duplication. Additionally, real-time system updates ensure that property managers can address potential threats promptly. takes the security of your parking lot or structure seriously. We designed our digital parking permit feature with security measures to prevent fraud and misuse.

By combining features like Parking Enforcement and Parking Citations, ensures that property managers can promptly identify and deal with vehicles that do not have permits. Our software’s real time monitoring and regular updates further enhance the security of the digital permits.

What Are the Cost Structures for Implementing and Maintaining a Digital Parking Permit System?

While the original implementation costs of parking management software may seem daunting, it will save you money in the long run. Implementing a digital parking permit system involves initial setup costs, which include software licensing, hardware procurement, and training. Maintenance costs are recurring, covering software updates, hardware maintenance, and customer support. However, the long-term benefits, such as reduced administrative overhead, lower labor costs, and increased revenue, often outweigh these costs.

With, property managers and lot owners receive a cost-effective solution for their parking management needs. Our software can create an additional stream of revenue for you through paid guest passes and public passes.

By going fully paperless with, our users can eliminate the cost of printing permits and stickers, significantly reduce administrative costs, and increase their revenue streams. Because our software has custom options, the cost of every implementation is different.

However, we can include as many of our features in your personalized software as you’d like. The best way to estimate the cost is to request a free consultation with us. You can do so by filling out our online form, so we can better understand your needs.

How User-Friendly Is the Digital Permit System?

User-friendliness is a key consideration for any digital system. A digital parking permit system should offer an intuitive interface, easy registration processes, and clear user instructions. The goal of any parking management system is to ensure that everyone can easily navigate and use the software.

At, we designed our software with our users in mind. We aim to streamline your parking management and can only do that if you can easily use the software. The platform is intuitive, with clear instructions, and an easy-to-navigate interface.

In addition, our guest parking management software and online parking registration & approval features easily integrate with our digital parking permit feature. This integration makes the process straightforward for users. To schedule your free consultation with today, fill out our online form.

What Options Are Available to Customize Digital Permits?

Digital parking permit systems typically offer a range of options to customize. These can include branding elements, varying permit durations, and different permit types based on user categories (e.g., residents, guests, employees). The variety of features to customize ensures that the system caters to the specific needs of each parking facility.

At, we understand the diverse needs of different industries, from Concerts and Sporting Events to Universities. With over 60 different features to choose from, our software offers extensive options to customize features for your business needs.

This allows property managers and lot owners to tailor their digital permits to their specific requirements. In addition to offering daily, weekly, monthly, and annual permits, property managers can make specialty holiday permits as well. From branding elements and varying permit durations to integrating LPRs into the digital parking permit database,’s software has it all.

Is There Reporting and Analytics for Tracking Permit Usage?

Effective parking management requires insights into parking usage patterns. Reporting and analytics tools provide valuable data on permits, plate numbers, use rates, peak parking dates and times, and more. This data aids in making informed decisions on digital permit management and optimizing parking operations.’s software comes equipped with advanced reporting and analytics features. Our Parking Management Reports provide detailed insights into permit usage, helping property managers and lot owners make data-driven decisions.

Whether it’s understanding peak parking times or tracking the effectiveness of Parking Revenue Generation strategies,’s software offers comprehensive analytics you can access anytime.

What Is the Process for Issuing and Revoking Permits?

Issuing a digital parking permit involves an online registration process where users provide vehicle details and any required documentation. Then the property manager can approve and issue the permit. This triggers the software to link the permit to the license plate number.

Revoking permits is equally straightforward, with administrators having the ability to invalidate permits in real-time. This ensures that unauthorized vehicles do not misuse parking spaces. streamlines the process of issuing and revoking permits. Our Online Parking Registration and Approval feature allows users to easily register their vehicles and receive digital permits.

If there’s a need to revoke a permit, property managers using’s software can do so with just a few clicks. This promotes efficiency by ensuring their permit parking spaces are always used properly.

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