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The Arden Apartments

Our community is utilizing this program for Parking Management and it has truly been a blessing! With tight parking for 198 units, this program allows us to monitor and manage vehicle registrations, illegal parking and limit vehicles per unit. The team is wonderful to work with, quick to respond, and helpful with all of our questions. Would highly recommend to anyone with tight parking as it helps to manage the daily headache of parking in a community.

Evelyn H. - Property Manager

Before ParkingPass was Implemented at the property I manage, I was unable to account for the residents. I had no idea who had a shady background or who was allowed to live in the community. With the ParkingPass system, not only are the resident ALL registered but we have been able to generate income for the Association which has help with improving the community

Stephanie F. - Property Manager

Overall it's been a great asset to my community that has struggled with parking so much in the past. These past four years with ParkingPass has been a stress reliever to say the least!

Carlos G. - Property Manager

ParkingPass takes care of our parking headaches. It simplifies the process and it puts the accountability where it should be, on the residents.

Guest Parking Management Software

Welcome to, the ideal solution for property managers seeking efficient and effective guest parking management. We crafted Guest Parking Management Software to meet the specific needs of apartment complexes, enhancing both the experience of your residents and the operational efficiency of your property.

Our software is designed with the security of resident and guest data in mind, offering a mobile-friendly interface for convenient management from anywhere. ParkingPass provides a comprehensive solution that enhances the parking experience for your residents and streamlines your management processes.

Elevate your property’s parking management with ParkingPass. Contact us to explore how we can help optimize your guest parking system or to schedule a personalized demo.

Guest Parking Management FAQs

“Guest parking can be controlled at the unit or license plate levels, with hourly or daily limitations that keep out unauthorized occupants while keeping residents honest about how many cars they’re parking at the community.”

Mathieu Boileau - Owner ParkingPass.

Benefits of Digital Park Permits

  • Effortless Guest Registration

    Enable residents to register guests easily, streamlining the process and reducing administrative burden.

  • License Plate Verification

    Implement a paperless, eco-friendly system for tracking guest vehicles, simplifying enforcement and reducing clutter.

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  • Customizable Parking Rules

    Tailor parking policies to your property's unique requirements, from setting time limits to managing special event parking.

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  • Real-Time Parking Monitoring

    Keep a pulse on parking space availability and enforce rules effectively with live updates.

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  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics

    Gain valuable insights into parking patterns, helping make informed parking management decisions and policy adjustments.

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How User-Friendly Is the Guest Parking Management Feature for Both Residents and Guests?

Guest parking management systems are designed to simplify managing and allocating guest parking spaces. A user-friendly system ensures that residents and guests can easily navigate the process without confusion. The ideal system offers a straightforward interface where guests can register their vehicles, and residents can manage permissions with just a few clicks. Intertraffic highlights this feature in their article: “Smart parking solutions can enhance customer experience by seamlessly integrating diverse parking processes. From spot identification to location search, payment, and real-time notifications, these solutions create a cohesive and user-friendly journey for individuals seeking parking.” This underscores the importance of a system that is efficient, accessible, and easy to use.

At ParkingPass, our guest parking management feature is crafted with user-friendliness at its core. We understand the importance of a hassle-free experience, so our platform is intuitive and easy to navigate for residents, guests, and property managers alike.

Since our software is completely customizable, with over 60 features to choose from, as the owner and property manager, you can choose to handle guest passes in a variety of ways with our software. These include:

  • Limiting the number of guest passes a resident can use.
  • Charging for guest passes
  • Offering extra guest passes for purchase after someone uses up their free guest passes.

ParkingPass’s owner and founder, Matt Boileau, says, “With our guest parking management feature, residents can effortlessly manage guest parking permissions, while guests can register their vehicles without extensive instructions or assistance. This way, you save paper and labor time from manually processing guest pass requests.” We designed our software to make parking management seamless in community living. Check out our parking revenue generation page to learn more about paid guest passes.

Does the Software Provide Real-Time Monitoring and Updates of Parking Space Availability?

According to CEO and president Matt Boileau, “The capability to provide real-time monitoring and updates of parking space availability is a critical feature of any advanced guest parking management system. However, not all parking management software offers this high-tech feature”. This feature is like a live update, constantly refreshing to show which parking spots are available and which are taken. It’s particularly useful during events or holidays with high guest volume. An article on LinkedIn highlights the advantages of this technology: “Real-time parking data helps drivers locate available parking spaces more efficiently, reducing search time and minimizing unnecessary idling.”

At ParkingPass, our system has this real-time monitoring capability, making it easy for guests to find a parking spot quickly. Our newly implemented interactive parking map keeps residents and guests informed about parking availability as it happens. This is especially useful during peak times, like during big events or holiday seasons, when there’s a surge in the number of guests. Our system ensures that everyone is up-to-date with the latest parking information, helping to prevent confusion and making parking management smooth and efficient for everyone.

How Does the Software Assist in Enforcing Parking Rules and Regulations?

Effective parking management software is essential for enforcing parking rules and regulations. It ensures parking spaces are used correctly and everyone adheres to the established rules. This includes identifying unauthorized vehicles and those that exceed their parking time limits. Such features are crucial for maintaining order and fairness in parking areas. A LinkedIn article on the digitization of parking enforcement highlights its benefits, stating, “The digitization of parking enforcement brings tremendous benefits, including improved accuracy and increased convenience for both enforcement officers and the public.”

At ParkingPass, our software is designed to enforce parking rules effectively. We utilize advanced technologies to:

  • Monitor parking spaces.
  • Quickly identify any rule breakers using our license plate recognition system
  • Update lot capacity in real-time

These capabilities are crucial for us to manage the parking space efficiently and maintain fairness for all users. Our system’s ability to enforce rules and regulations effectively makes it an invaluable tool for any parking management scenario.

What Kind of Reporting Capabilities Does the Software Offer? Can It Generate Insights on Parking Usage Patterns, Peak Times, and Frequent Guests?

A comprehensive parking management system should offer robust reporting capabilities. These features enable:

  • the analysis of parking usage patterns
  • the identification of peak times
  • tracking of frequent guests

Such insights are invaluable for optimizing parking space utilization and improving overall management. As highlighted by Wayleadr, “Parking lot management software is principally for data and reporting, giving real-time visibility of occupancy, access control, and revenue.”

At ParkingPass, our software excels in providing detailed and insightful reports. We offer clear, actionable data that helps property managers understand parking trends and make informed decisions. According to our owner, Matt Boileau, “Our system’s reporting capabilities are designed to give a complete overview of parking operations so that you can have all your statistics in one place. This will aid in the efficient management of your parking resources.”

Is the Software Customizable to Fit the Specific Needs and Policies of Apartment Complexes?

Customization is a key feature of effective parking management software. It allows the system to adapt to different apartment complexes’ specific needs and policies, such as setting guest parking time limits, reserving spaces, and managing special events. This adaptability ensures that the software aligns with each community’s unique requirements. A3logics emphasizes the importance of this feature, stating, “Parking Management Software should have features that aid in better vehicle and staff management.”

At ParkingPass, we offer software solutions tailored to fit your apartment complex’s specific policies and needs. Whether it’s setting guest parking time limits, reserving spaces for special events, or any other unique requirement, we can customize our software to meet your specific needs. This flexibility ensures that our system manages parking efficiently and aligns perfectly with your community’s policies.

Does the Software Offer a Mobile App for Easier Access and Management on the Go?

The importance of a mobile app in parking management cannot be overstated in today’s fast-paced world. It’s all about providing convenience and flexibility to both residents and guests. A mobile solution enables users to manage their parking needs from anywhere, offering real-time updates and alerts. A document by the International Parking & Mobility Institute highlights the significance of mobile apps in the parking industry, stating, “Parking apps allow patrons to make more informed parking and transportation decisions based on real-time information.”

At ParkingPass, we understand the importance of mobility, so our software includes a mobile app that is easy to navigate and use. Our app provides real-time information and notifications, making parking management convenient and accessible. In addition, we have a license plate reader within our mobile app, making it convenient and easy for property managers and parking patrols to use. This mobile solution ensures that managing parking is a seamless and efficient process, even when you’re on the move.

How Does the Software Ensure the Security and Privacy of Resident and Guest Data?

Security and privacy are paramount in parking management software. It’s essential to have strong measures in place to protect resident and guest data. This includes implementing security protocols to ensure confidentiality. Regular updates and monitoring are necessary to protect this information from potential threats. Skidata discusses the importance of data security in parking management, stating, “Data security is key in parking management. Safe devices and cloud solutions are essential for the future.”

At ParkingPass, we place the utmost importance on the security and privacy of our users’ data. Our software is built with state-of-the-art security measures to protect all resident and guest information. According to’s owner, Matt Boileau, “Parking Pass employs encryption, regular security audits, and compliance with privacy laws to safeguard sensitive data. Our commitment to security means you can trust us to handle your parking management needs securely.”

Why Parking Pass?

  • Eco-Friendly, Paperless Option
  • Trusted Nationwide Since 2018
  • Trusted by a Wide-Range of Industries
  • Over 1 Million Unauthorized Vehicles Found
  • Over 250,000 Users
  • Best Price on the Market
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