The market crash of 2008/2009 has left its’ mark on the real estate industry. It lead to the largest percentage of bulk real estate owners to date. This has made managing condominiums and HOAs tougher, as well as lead to a higher percentage of renters within communities. It is very difficult for managers to regulate these types of communities and keep track of all of the lease details. With, managers and associations can control the parking for both owners and renters, all while maintaining updated lease paperwork. Our software allows managers to set permit expiration’s to align with lease expiration’s and ultimately helps managers take control of the parking situation.

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24/7 Parking Portal

Our parking portal allows residents to register online and provide required vehicle paperwork in our paperless resident registration. Once approved, residents have the ability to register guest vehicles while the software ensures that guest parking limitations and rules are being maintained and enforced.


Parking Made Fair & Easy

Associations sometimes face limited parking at their communities. Several properties were built at a time where most households only had one vehicle per unit. Our software provides a fair and easy parking situation for residents and guests because everyone is obliged to follow parking rules & regulations set by the community and association bylaws. Parking management has never been this easy. Our software helps to provide a better understanding of who is a renter or owner at the community, while ensuring that every vehicle is registered within the system.


Save Money & Generate Revenue

Parking management can be costly; but, not with our software. In fact, it is one of the least costly parking solutions on the market. Generate revenue by uncovering unauthorized occupants and collecting application revenue, charging for resident or guest parking permits or utilizing our parking citation system.


Added Security

Residents and guests appreciate efforts to protect their safety and security. Our software does just that. Security and patrol personnel can use our license plate reader cameras or online plate search to determine whether or not a vehicle belongs to the multifamily property. In turn, residents can feel safer knowing that vehicles belong to registered residents and guests.


Smart Technology offers smart technology features that facilitate more efficient parking management such as our LPR (license plate reader) integration, e-permit system, parking spot management tool, and much more.


Parking Insights

Our software helps you gather parking insights from your community. You can discover who is consistently parking in your lot overnight, an unauthorized occupant or vacation rental, a repeat violator of the rules & regulations, and more.

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