The Benefits of Using Parking Management Software for Guest Parking

parking lotAs a business owner of a multifamily complex or an association of a condominium or an HOA, keeping track of your tenants can be a full-time job. Add in the fact that many of them will be having guests over needing a place to park in your complex, there can be many challenges that come with enforcing the rules and keeping your parking lot secure and safe from unwanted visitors.

By utilizing parking management software that allows you to easily enforce rules and regulate who is coming and going from your complex, can take the stress off of you and make parking available for everyone.

What to Look For in Your Parking Management Software

Your parking management software should work for you. When you are deciding which parking management software to use you should keep a few things in mind.

Customizable: Every property is going to be different. You will want to be able to customize your rules and regulations for your business. Everything from parking spot assignments to guest limitations to parking enforcement.

Easy to Use: Choosing to use something like cloud-based software will allow you to access your parking management from your phone, tablet or laptop giving you easy access at any time.

Affordability: Parking management solutions should not cost you an arm and a leg. Your parking management software should not be something you have to squeeze into the budget, ultimately a good parking management software will have your parking enforcement paying for itself. Beyond that, you should be able to even generate some parking revenue through charging for parking permits and guest passes as well as earning money through parking citations.

How to Handle My Guests’ Permits

With a cloud-based parking management system, guest passes for visitor parking can be registered at any time, quickly and easily. Your management software should allow you to customize any regulations for guests and their parking permits.

For example, since this is temporary parking, you can set limits on how long this permit will be valid for and have it update in real-time. Say you want the guest to only have parking for 24 hours, you can easily go on to your computer or phone and regulate these rules. There is no printing necessary since all guest passes will be registered online by the license plates.

Final Thoughts

By utilizing parking management software for your guest parking, you can ultimately streamline your parking enforcement for all guests coming onto your property.  By doing so, you can keep unwanted visitors out and easily enforce rules within your complex.

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