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Dwayne W. - Lot Enforcement Owner

The ParkingPass software has been exceptional. The integrated LPR cameras have made it easy for our patrollers to enforce the parking rules in the communities, with less risk of givebacks. We would highly recommend any property manager, towing or security company to utilize this software.

Parking Revenue Generation

ParkingPass.com is the new top parking revenue generation software provider for student housing, HOAs, apartments and towing companies. Our parking management solution is rooted in paperless parking software that allows companies in many industries to manage access to their parking lots while generating a revenue stream. In addition, ParkingPass.com provides a myriad of companies with a user-friendly tool that will enable them to enforce their parking policies while capturing information on which cars are in the lot, when, and for what amount of time.

Why Parking Pass?

  • Eco-Friendly, Paperless Option
  • Trusted Nationwide Since 2018
  • Trusted by a Wide-Range of Industries
  • Over 1 Million Unauthorized Vehicles Found
  • Over 250,000 Users
  • Best Price on the Market
  • Custom-Fit Software

Paid Guest Passes

Introducing paid guest passes. Guest passes for residents were always free in the past, and these passes would reset every month without allowing any leftover passes to carry over into the next month. With our new and improved parking technology, you can monetize your parking program even further through paid guest passes.

Today, there are more options for parking properties to choose from than ever before. Properties can now decide to provide only free guest passes; they can provide free passes with the option of purchasing extra guest passes at a set cost per pass, or they can only offer paid passes to their clients.

For example:

Property A Apartments

  • Property A chose to continue only to provide free parking passes to their tenants.
  • Each tenant would receive 14 free guest passes monthly.

Property B Apartments

  • Property B chose to continue providing free parking passes to their tenants, but they decided to add the option of purchasing up to 10 extra guest passes per month.
  • Each tenant would receive 14 free guest passes monthly.
  • If they run out of guest passes, they can purchase an extra guest pass at $10 per pass for up to 10 passes each month. Property B has the freedom to choose the number of paid guest passes they offer each month
  • Once they have purchased all ten passes for that month, they are out of guest passes for the remainder of the month.

Property C Apartments

  • Property C is only offering paid guest passes to their tenant.
  • Each tenant can purchase a paid guest pass at five dollars up to 10 passes a month.
  • Once they have purchased all ten guest passes, they are out of guest passes until the new month begins.

It is ParkingPass.com’s number one priority to provide the best customer service experience possible. For this reason, our paid parking passes are entirely customizable for your property’s needs.

You can shorten or extend the time the free and paid guest passes can be used. You can charge different amounts for the passes on different days, make hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annual passes, limit the number of guest passes someone can use consecutively, and so much more.

The opportunities to make these paid passes uniquely yours are seemingly endless. If you can think of a parking pass customization, we can make it happen.

Public Parking Passes

ParkingPass.com just launched Public Parking Passes. These passes follow the same concept as guest passes, but they are open to the public. Anyone who wants to register for a public parking pass can do so.

Like guest passes, the property can provide public passes that are only free, public passes that are only paid, or a limited number of free public passes with extra being available for purchase if the person parking runs out of free passes.

How do Public Parking Passes work? The Breakdown:

  • The user enters a parking garage and parks.
  • There is signage on the garage wall that lists the website and the location code.
  • The user goes to the website, enters the location code, and registers their parking pass.

Offering public passes allows us to help a myriad of new industries, including retail locations, bars, restaurants, municipalities and more, streamline their parking operations to produce a new revenue stream for their company.

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ParkingPass.com continues to strive to provide you with the best user-friendly parking operations technology that allows you to manage your property’s parking procedures seamlessly while making more revenue. By adding in the option for paid parking passes open for both guests of tenants and for the public, we were able to do just that.

Do you need a new and improved parking solution for your company? ParkingPass.com may have the solution for you. You can register for your demo with us today!

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