Interactive Parking Management

Take the stress out of parking management. Our user-friendly solution provides real-time space availability and easy allocation

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Park Smarter Not Harder

With Parking Pass’s New Interactive Map

Managing parking spaces in apartment complexes and communities can be challenging, but our cutting-edge interactive map is here to revolutionize the way you handle this essential task. Designed specifically with property managers and office staff in mind, our tool offers a suite of advanced features that streamline the parking assignment process, ensuring efficient space utilization and reducing administrative burdens.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Real-Time Space Allocation: Instantly view and assign available parking spots, reducing the time spent on manual management and increasing tenant satisfaction.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate our intuitive map with ease, making parking management a hassle-free experience for administrators.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Seamlessly integrate our map tool with your current parking assignments, facilitating smooth data synchronization and workflow.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Provide office staff with an accessible view of parking availability, fostering a more organized and user-friendly management system.

Upgrade the way you manage parking with our solution that’s not just about assigning spaces but about creating a harmonious and efficient parking ecosystem for your community. Experience the future of parking management today!

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Find a Parking Spot

The interactive map for parking management provides property managers and property staff with a seamless and convenient parking experience. With real-time parking availability information, users can easily find an available parking spot without wasting time searching for one. Our interactive filters make finding a parking spot easier than ever before!

Assign and Remove Assignments

With the interactive map, users will be able to assign and remove assignments from parking spots with ease.

Users will be able to assign parking spots to three parking types:

  • Unit: Parking spots assigned to a unit will give any resident living in the unit, and any car associated with residing residents, permission to park in the spot.
  • Resident: Parking spots assigned to a resident will give the specific resident and any vehicle associated with the resident permission to park in the spot.
  • Vehicle: Parking spots assigned to a vehicle will give only the assigned vehicle permission to park in the spot.

Parking Management Made Easy

We designed our interactive map with property staff in mind, our goal is to take away the common headaches that can come with managing parking in communities and make it easy for users of all backgrounds.

  • Filters Our map filters allow you to look at specific parking types and isolate resident parking, guest parking, disabled parking or simply isolate unassigned/assigned parking spots to better visualize availability.
  • Interactivity We’ve designed our maps to be as user friendly as possible so you can visualize your communities up to date parking structure easier than ever and continue to make improvements as our platform grows.
  • Synchronization Parking spot assignments handled outside of our interactive map will automatically be synced and vise versa, giving you and your staff multiple ways to manage parking.

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