Parking Announcements & Messaging

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What Do Our Customers Say?

Dwayne W. - Lot Enforcement Owner

The ParkingPass software has been exceptional. The integrated LPR cameras have made it easy for our patrollers to enforce the parking rules in the communities, with less risk of givebacks. We would highly recommend any property manager, towing or security company to utilize this software.

Parking Announcements & Messaging

Administrative users can communicate easily and efficiently with all of their residents by sending property wide announcements via our integrated messaging system. We also provide the ability to send direct messages to individual users or sending announcements and messages to specific buildings or units.

“This feature is used more frequently by condos and HOAs as it helps property managers and administrators streamline communication to tenants.”

Matt Boileau, President & CEO of ParkingPass

Matt Boileau

President & CEO

Why Parking Pass?

  • Eco-Friendly, Paperless Option
  • Trusted Nationwide Since 2018
  • Trusted by a Wide-Range of Industries
  • Over 1 Million Unauthorized Vehicles Found
  • Over 250,000 Users
  • Best Price on the Market
  • Custom-Fit Software
Aerial View of Parking Lot
Aerial View of Parking Lot

Digital Parking Permit Benefits Truck
  • Increased Communication

    Creates a close-knit sense of community with an official messaging system.

  • Dynamic Messaging

    Ability to send a mass message via email to the entire property, only specific buildings or direct messages to individual users.

  • Ease-of-Use

    Our messaging system is easy to use – it is as simple as sending an email.

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