Parking at universities can be quite the ordeal. On-campus parking is limited and in demand. Students do not want to wait in long lines or go around in circles searching for a parking spot, and neither do faculty and staff. All they want to do is get to class or work on time.

Nothing is worse than getting into a confrontation with a fellow student or colleague simply because of parking. Make sure that students and employees have a stress-free parking experience, so that they can park and get to class or work quickly. Also, controlled parking management creates a safer parking experience, as security and patrol teams can access information regarding who is parked on campus.

Our proprietary parking management software makes it easy for security and patrol teams to enforce parking rules and regulations at universities. In turn, students, faculty, staff, and visitors all have a better parking experience.



Online Registration

Students and faculty can easily register for a parking spot through our paperless registration process. University administrative personnel can then review each registration to ensure that the proper vehicles are approved to park on campus. Visitor parking can be handled online with our guest vehicle system. No paper to manage.


Parking Made Fair & Easy

Parking at universities can be a hassle. Do not let students, employees, and visitors stress over finding a parking spot. Our parking management software provides a fair and easy parking situation for all because everyone is obliged to follow the parking rules and regulations set by the university. Parking management has never been this easy.


Save Money & Generate Revenue

Parking management can be costly. But, not our software, which is reasonably priced. In fact, it is one of the least costly parking solutions on the market. Generate revenue by charging students for their parking permits.


Added Security

Students and employees appreciate efforts to protect their security. Our software does just that. Security and patrol personnel can use our license plate reader to determine whether or not a vehicle belongs on the university’s property. In turn, students and employees can feel safer knowing that vehicles belong to other registered students, employees, and visitors.


Smart Technology

Our parking management software is compatible with an array of tech items that we all use on a daily basis. Countless dollars will be saved because there is no need to install and maintain expensive hardware.


Parking Insights

Our parking management software helps you gather parking insights from your campus. You can discover who is consistently parking in your lot, repeat violators of the university’s rules & regulations, and more.

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