ParkingPass is the perfect solution for cities and other municipalities looking to manage their parking operations. This easy-to-use app offers a secure and efficient way for users to pay for parking, with features such as automatic payments, real-time updates on lot availability, and notifications when those passes are about to expire.

With ParkingPass, you can generate additional revenue streams while providing your citizens an effortless experience when finding a spot. You can even incorporate street parking if you choose. So if you are looking for a hassle-free way for your residents to park, ParkingPass has you covered.

Our Municipality Parking Solutions

For municipalities, parking management software can be a great way to increase efficiency and revenue. With ParkingPass, cities can provide their citizens with an effortless parking experience. In addition, the app offers secure and convenient payment options, real-time updates on lot availability, and notifications when passes are about to expire.

This helps ensure citizens have access to the best spots available while simultaneously generating additional revenues for the city. Ultimately, ParkingPass is providing cities with a hassle-free way of managing their parking operations with their parking systems and parking technologies. This allows them to focus on what matters most: serving their residents.

  • Revenue Generation through Public Passes: Using ParkingPass, you can quickly generate additional revenue streams by selling public parking passes. These passes provide citizens convenient access to parking spots and allow cities to track usage and payment for maximum efficiency.
  • Payment Gateway: ParkingPass offers a secure and efficient way of generating additional revenue streams through its payment gateway system. All payments are processed in real time for maximum accuracy. With a secure, automatic payment system, citizens can rest assured that their payments are processed quickly and accurately.
  • Parking Enforcement: With parking enforcement, municipalities can establish a customized parking policy and an automated patrol system with LPRs. With ParkingPass’s parking management software, you can even make a do-not tow list.
  • License Plate Readers (LPRs): LPRs are a great way to quickly determine who should and should not be in your parking lot. We also provide multiple options you can choose from, including a mobile app reader, a vehicle-mounted license plate reader, and a stationary license plate reader.

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