Mobile App for Our License Plate Reader

Parking situations change as people come and go, it’s beneficial to be able to track and monitor who is in your parking space and who shouldn’t be. We have developed our parking management software to be simple and easy for anyone managing lots to use. As more and more have used our software, so has the need increased to conveniently and easily scan license plates in your lots.

How it Works

We developed our software to be used on a mobile app to provide our parking lot managers ease of scanning the license plates of vehicles in the parking lots you manage. By mounting your phone to your vehicle in any position that works best for your parking lot layout, you can drive past each vehicle and the app will automatically scan and record each license plate.
As you scan in each plate, the mobile app works with our software to create a seamless process in which you can leave a digital citation for someone parked in the wrong space, call a towing company to tow away a car that should not be parked in your lot, or confirm that the car is in the right space in your parking lot.

Best Ways to Use the Mobile App LPR

We offer multiple ways to create a seamless and straightforward way of ensuring your parking lot is scanned and managed. By utilizing multiple license plate scanners, you can cover your entire parking lot and manage who is parking in your lots or spaces.
With our multiple scanners such as our vehicle-mounted scanners and our stationary-mounted scanners, you can cut down on your patrol times and gather information including the direction and direction of the vehicles by setting up the scanners in an array across your parking lots or in your residential parking zones.

Make Parking Lot Management a Breeze

By choosing the right software and hardware combinations, you’ll have your parking lots in order in no time. That’s why we offer our parking lot managers the ability to set their own rules and regulations all integrated into our software that pairs well with our hardware options.
Now with the convenience of using your own smart phone as a license plate scanner, it’s no wonder why so many of our customers are excited to manage their parking lots and zones in a way that works with minimal hassle and stress. We make parking lot management a breeze at

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