5 Ways to Simplify Guest Parking

Guest parking can be a nightmare. Multifamily communities have a limited amount of space for parking, so oftentimes it’s hard for residents to have guests over for a visit. One of the worse scenarios that regularly happens is a few guests monopolizing the parking situation. Truth be told, if the same “guests” are constantly parking in the visitor parking, they must live at the community. If you’re tired of dealing with unruly guests and other guest parking issues, our online parking portal can help. Here are 5 ways to simplify guest parking.

Online and Mobile Accessibility

In this digital age, people are constantly on their smartphones and tablets. It only makes sense to make visitor parking simple and easy with online and mobile accessibility. No one wants to waste time going to the management office to get a guest parking pass. People want quick access to register their guests at their leisure. Say it’s after hours, you and your friends went out, and one of them wants to stay over, but they can’t stay because they don’t want to risk getting towed. Now, if you had our online parking portal, you could easily register their car from your smartphone. Our online parking platform saves time and makes your residents’ lives easier.

Parking Signage

Never underestimate the power of proper signage. Simplify guest parking by making sure that parking signage is visible throughout the property. It’s important to explicitly indicate guest areas. Another great idea is having an online platform where users can review visitor parking policies, in case of residents forget them. With proper signage and clearly stated rules, guests should obey the rules and regulations, or otherwise, face the consequences of their unruliness. Guest parking should be for bona fide, rule abiding guests, not residents or other unauthorized individuals.

Control Guest Passes

Simplify guest parking by controlling who parks in your parking lot. You can automatically delineate the frequency and limitations you place on each vehicle for a certain time period through our online parking platform. If a certain guest has reached their parking limit, the registering resident will be notified that they don’t have any more days available on a certain vehicle. This ensures that unwanted or unauthorized residents are not living on the property.

Eliminate Physical Parking Permits and Hangers

Guest parking is so much easier without dealing with physical parking permits and hangers. Our paperless parking platform takes away the stress from guest parking with our LPR (license plate reader) technology. Residents and guests don’t have to obtain physical parking passes at the management office or be responsible for any lost permits. Plus, it makes it much easier for patrol teams because they don’t have to check for physical parking passes. With our license plate reader cameras, patrol teams just go on their regular patrols, and as the plates are scanned it will inform them of anything parking violations.

Create Resident Accountability

Resident accountability is an important aspect of guest parking. You want residents to take responsibility for registering their guests’ vehicles. This takes off responsibility of the staff, which are already busy with other issues and tasks. Our paperless parking platform is super convenient as it allows residents to take control of their visitors’ parking experience all based on the rules and regulations set by management.

Ready to give your residents and their visitors an easy-to-use guest parking experience? If the answer is “yes,” contact us today to set up a phone call with one of our experienced agents. Simplified guest parking is at your reach – don’t delay!

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