4 Ways to Improve the Parking Situation Within Your Community

Like everything in life, the parking situation in your community can always be improved. Whether it be by creating a more streamlined parking management system, enforcing the rules and regulations, or effectively communicating with residents and guests you can see an improvement within days of implementing your new strategy. Here are 4 ways to improve the parking situation in your community with our online parking solution.

Eliminate Unauthorized Vehicles

Eliminating unauthorized vehicles can really improve your community’s parking situation. Make sure that you have an efficient audit process in place that ensures that registered guests aren’t living in units without your knowledge. It’s important to eliminate all cars belonging to people that aren’t on an apartment lease or haven’t been screened by the community association, as these people over saturate your parking lot with too many cars and not leaving enough spaces for actual residents who are approved to live there and their legitimate guests.

Audit and Restructure Your Parking Layout

Conduct an inventory of how many parking spaces are available in your community. To ensure that residents always find parking after a long day at work or a weekend out, set aside a specific number of spots for the exact number of units with a few extra spaces in case unauthorized vehicles happen to slip up and take up a parking spot or two. Then set aside a specific number of parking spaces for guests. This will help you structure your parking lot more efficiently and ensure that residents always find a parking spot. By accessing your community’s vehicle reports, you can discover the exact number of spaces and how to buffer the number of vehicles with hard limits for guest spaces. Remember, it’s your responsibility to accommodate residents first and foremost.

Collect Parking Data

Collecting parking data is super easy with our online parking portal. You can see how many parking spots are in use and traffic flow in real-time reports. These reports give you access to information that will help you understand trends in parking, such as the average number of guest parking passes issued on a weekly and daily basis. The reports will also include information about which residents’ guests are visiting. The real-time reports also inform you about the number of vehicles scanned per patrol and details about parking offenses.

Enforce Parking Rules & Regulations

What’s the use in having a state-of-the-art parking solution, if you aren’t going to enforce parking rules and regulations? It’s important that you enforce parking rules and regulations so that residents and guests know that you mean business. With real-time data, at your fingertips, you can efficiently enforce parking rules and regulations. Be sure to switch up your patrol times and patterns as residents and guests can learn your schedule and take advantage of that schedule.

Are you ready to improve the parking situation in your community? Contact us today and let us share how our online parking portal can help streamline parking at your community.

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