Best Practices for Managing Parking at Multifamily Properties

Parking at multifamily properties can be a tricky situation. With a limited number of spaces to accommodate residents someone is bound to get stuck circling the parking lot looking for a space or parking in a visitor spot. Even though residents come first, it isn’t fair that guests end up without parking. Perhaps they have an elderly parent to check up on or celebrating a friend’s birthday. In order for parking at multifamily properties to be fair, you need to figure out how many parking spots are available in your community, and how you’re going to separate them out. Not sure where to start? Take a look at some best practices for managing to park at multifamily properties.

Effective Communication of Parking Policies

In order to manage to park at multifamily properties, you must effectively communicate your parking policies. Place signs in designated areas and make sure that everyone understands the rules and regulations. With our online parking portal, residents will have 24/7 access to your community’s rules and regulations, and other real-time parking information Being able to review the rules and regulations helps residents and their guests avoid making parking offenses.

For instance, if a resident’s guest has a commercial vehicle, but they’re not sure if your property allows commercial vehicles on the property, they can refer back to the multifamily property’s parking policy.

Establish Vehicle Allotments

Managing parking can be difficult, but it is manageable when you know how many spaces you’re dealing with and establish vehicle allotments. You can limit the number of active guests passes that can be made at any given time or you can limit resident passes per unit. This alleviates the parking situation and should reduce the number of arguments and fights between community members and their visitors.

Patrol Consistency

What’s the point of having the most expensive and fancy parking management software, if you aren’t consistently patrolling your lot. Regular patrolling keeps people honest as they know that your patrol team is always around, ready to enforce your community’s rules and regulations. But remember, people, are smart! Be sure that patrol teams switch up their patrol routines so that residents and guests don’t figure out their pattern and sneak around patrol times.

Eliminate Physical Parking Permits

Physical parking permits can be costly. Between getting them made and management dealing with their distribution, physical parking permits take a lot of time and money to deal with. Plus, guests and residents have to deal with placing physical permits in or on their vehicles and hope that they don’t lose them, or they’ll get fined or have to pay for a new permit. Our online parking portal makes it much easier to manage and enforce parking rules and regulations with our LPR technology. Our license plate reader cameras simply scan all plates in your lot and immediately inform your patrol team of any violations. This simplifies patrols and helps with managing parking.

Create Designated Guest Parking Areas

Keeping guest parking separate from resident parking is necessary in order to manage parking situations at multifamily properties. This ensures that guests clearly know where they are allowed to park. Be sure to put up signs detailing specific guest areas and how visitors can obtain digital parking passes. Also, be sure to inform residents of guest parking rules and regulations, so that they can inform their guests prior to their arrival.

Managing to park at your multifamily property can be tough. But, we have a comprehensive online parking portal that can change the way you manage your parking situation. Contact us to learn more.

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