License Plate Reader Technology For Parking Enforcement

License Plate Reader (LPR) technology is a hot topic in the security world. It facilitates patrols at residential communities because Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) cameras transmit vehicle information in real-time. In fact, it is one of the most effective residential parking enforcement methods in multifamily communities. Thanks to LPR technology security personnel can more quickly and effectively pinpoint parking violations and enforce property parking rules.

How Does LPR Technology Work?

LPR technology consists of mounting hands-free, high-speed cameras to patroller vehicles that are scanning and photographing as the patroller drives through a property. LPR cameras capture and combine multiple images into one single high-quality image. The photo is time and location stamped, uploaded to a central database, and run through an optical character recognition software that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to determine license plate numbers.

LPR software then compares plates with an approved vehicle list, as well as a list of vehicles with violations or restrictions. If any discrepancies are found, patrol personnel receive instant notification to their patrol laptop prompting them to take action. The system then documents and stores license plate information, dates and times of infractions, and citation types.

LPR Technology Improves Parking Management uses LPR technology to improve parking management processes by providing accuracy and efficiency while patrolling residential properties Our LPR cameras are synchronized with the system to grab real-time analytics and data of residents and guests. This information includes location and other vehicle information, such as ownership and previous violations.

Management and security teams can easily delineate their custom property parking policy on our website. allows users to automatically determine what happens to a vehicle (i.e. warnings, citations, booting, and towing) when flagged by the LPR camera and patroller data. This makes parking lot enforcement for residents and guests easy to manage, as patrollers no longer need to manually input license plate information.

Add Value To Residential Parking Enforcement’s License Plate Reader cameras are a great investment for residential parking enforcement and solve your communities parking problems. LPR technology decreases overhead costs associated with parking management, as fewer individuals are needed to patrol and manage physical citations. It streamlines patrol routines, as everything is electronic and online.

LPR systems also reduce the risk of fraudulent permit creation and usage making it easier to enforce property parking rules. Additionally, ALPR systems are great for the environment because they eliminate waste from paper, plastic, and stickers for permits and citations.

For more information on how can simplify your residential parking enforcement, contact us for a demo. Our team will be happy to demonstrate how our state-of-the-art software can help enforce property parking rules, lower patrolling costs, and create a safer community for your residents.

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