3 Ways To Create A Safe Parking Experience

Residents and guests alike value a safe and secure parking environment. But, parking lots in multifamily communities can be really unsafe – especially when you don’t monitor the vehicles parking in your lot. Thanks to modern technology, a safe parking situation can be achieved at multifamily communities with the help of our paperless parking solution. Want to learn how this can be done? Take a look at 3 ways to create a safe parking experience.

Control Unauthorized Vehicles

Unauthorized vehicles are a nuisance at multifamily communities, and may contribute to an unsafe parking experience. Our online parking portal helps streamline the parking authorization process for property managers. All they have to do is scan a copy of residents’ driver licenses, registration, and insurance information. All parking permit documents for approving vehicles will be saved in one easily accessible place. This allows management to verify and audit parking permits during the validation process; in turn keeping unwanted or unauthorized people out of your community.

Require Online Vehicles Registrations

Let’s face it; if guests aren’t required to register their vehicles, you really don’t have control of the parking situation and safety within your community. When it comes to guest parking in your community, it’s important to require all guests to register their vehicles online. This ensures that all cars parked in your community are in the online parking system and not exceeding the maximum days allowed. With our online parking solution, you can limit the length of time and amount of days per month each car can park within your community. This ensures that guests are not living on-premises and monopolizing the guest-parking situation.

Implement A Vehicle Approval Process

Implementing a vehicle approval process is a great way to ensure a safe parking experience for residents and guests. Community management and associations can decide how they want to customize their parking rules and regulations. They can also decide upon the type of documents needed in order to validate residents and guests to park within the community. This creates a safe parking experience because management and associations know whom and when people are parking in their multifamily community.

The safety of residents and guests should always come first. Contact us today, so that we may help you create a safe parking experience for residents and guests at your multifamily community.

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