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Stephanie F. - Property Manager

Overall it's been a great asset to my community that has struggled with parking so much in the past. These past four years with ParkingPass has been a stress reliever to say the least!

South Florida Parking Software Provider

South Florida is home to millions of people and attracts millions more each year. With a desirable combination of beaches, attractions, and relaxation, it’s no wonder why people love the area. With this much activity comes traffic, and with traffic comes parking issues.

If you’re in need of parking management software in the South Florida area, contact us at Parking Pass. We specialize in innovative parking solutions to alleviate your parking issues such as:

  • Developing customized parking lot solutions for your needs
  • Manage and assign parking and car registration online
  • Multiple ways for you to create revenue for your property
  • Ability to set your own rules according to your needs
  • 24/7 access to the user portal for you and your customers

Our clients choose us because we make parking management simple and easy. With our handy digital parking software, you can enjoy:

  • Total control and flexibility over your digital parking permits
  • A paperless, eco-friendly and COVID-friendly experience
  • Weekly or monthly reports that analyze data for future lot improvements

Over the past five years, Parking Pass has given peace of mind to our hundreds of customers within South Florida are and nationwide.

If you’re interested in parking lot solutions in South Florida, contact us today at (800) 322-5535 and schedule your free parking demo. Let us show you why our clients choose us to make their parking management simple and easy.

Why Parking Pass?

  • Eco-Friendly, Paperless Option
  • Trusted Nationwide Since 2018
  • Trusted by a Wide-Range of Industries
  • Over 1 Million Unauthorized Vehicles Found
  • Over 250,000 Users
  • Best Price on the Market
  • Custom-Fit Software

Parking Solutions in South Florida

With millions of locals and millions more tourists visiting South Florida every year, parking solutions are a must.

Parking structures and lots must serve a side variety of guests, from local residents and their visitors to tourists and employees working in the cities of South Florida.

At Parking Pass, we work in areas large and small, with a range of demands from their parking management systems. Truck
  • Multifamily

    Designate parking spots for residents and guests, offering vehicle registration

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  • Condominiums & HOAs

    Control parking for renters and homeowners according to lease paperwork

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  • Security & Lot Enforcement

    Easy-to-use software to enforce rules and regulations, creating a safer experience

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  • Concerts & Sporting Events

    Streamline parking at venues so people can quickly and easily find parking

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  • Universities

    Create stress-free parking so students and faculty can get to work or class quicker

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About South Florida

Including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Hollywood, South Florida is home to over 6 million people, making it the seventh-largest metropolitan area in the United States.

South Florida is one of the most unique places to live or to visit in the United States, mostly because of its beautiful weather. This area is the only one in the contiguous 48 states with a tropical climate, much like that in the Caribbean.

In 2018, Florida welcomed 126 million out-of-state visitors from the United States alone, a record-breaking year for the Sunshine State. With world-famous beaches in Miami, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale, many of those visitors go to South Florida to relax and get away for a short or long period of time.

Miami is a popular destination for sports lovers in South Florida, being home to a team in all five of the Major leagues, including professional soccer. Spring training for Major League Baseball is held annually in Jupiter and in West Palm Beach for the MLB teams from Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Houston, Miami, Minnesota, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Toronto and Washington D.C.

Fort Lauderdale is also considered one of the best places to visit in Florida because of its combination of beaching, shopping, and dining. With over 3,000 hours of sunshine every year and its access to the Florida Everglades, millions of people visit annually.

Hollywood is a city of 154,000 that sits in between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Guided tours along the Intercoastal Waterway are common here, as the highway runs parallel to the Atlantic Ocean and provides both tourists and locals with beautiful views on either side.

Another factor contributing to the tourism in this South Florida are the “snowbirds,” residents or visitors from colder climates within the U.S. who stay in Florida for extended amounts of time for the warm weather.

No two major destinations in South Florida are more than two hours apart, making the area easily navigated by car. Of course, where cars come in, parking problems can occur. That’s why we offer services in South Florida.

Parking Services We Offer

Parking Pass is your one-stop solution for parking lot management services. We offer a range of tools to meet your needs:

No matter how big or small your property may be, Parking Pass uses an efficient parking software that helps property owners and managers create a stress-free parking experience for themselves and their customers.

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