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San Diego is a beautiful city that welcomes tourists, students and residents to visit the many beaches, parks or colleges in the city. The mix of urban and waterfront experience gives people the best of both worlds. But in a city like San Diego, where parking throughout the city is enforced by different agencies, parking can be frustrating.

If you’re struggling to manage your parking lot situation in San Diego, contact us at Parking Pass. We specialize in innovative parking lot solutions to solve your issues:

  • Design and develop customized parking lot solutions for your needs
  • Manage and assign parking and car registration
  • Multiple ways for you to create revenue for your property
  • Ability to set your own rules according to your needs
  • 24/7 access to the user portal for you and your customers

Our clients choose us because we make parking lot management simple and easy with Parking Pass.

  • We give you total control with our flexible tools
  • Paperless, eco-friendly, and COVID-friendly experience
  • Create reports analyzing data for future improvements

Over the past five years, Parking Pass has given peace of mind to our hundreds of customers. If you’re interested in parking lot solutions in San Diego, call us at (800) 322-5535 or fill out our form to of our software.

Parking Lot Solutions in San Diego

San Diego is known to have a frustrating parking situation, with strict enforcement throughout the city. The city issues an average of 42,000 citations per month (until the COVID-19 pandemic).

At Parking Pass, we believe problems like parking management and clear customer communication are key to solving these issues. We can offer solutions to your specific parking lot situation, whatever it may be:

  • Multifamily: Designate parking spots for residents and guests, offering vehicle registration
  • Condominiums & HOAs: Control parking for renters and homeowners according to lease paperwork
  • Security & Lot Enforcement: Easy-to-use software to enforce rules and regulations, creating a safer experience
  • Concerts & Sporting Events: Streamline parking at venues so people can quickly and easily find parking
  • Universities: Create stress-free parking so students and faculty can get to work or class quicker
  • Commercial & Business: Leave a lasting good impression on your customers by creating a great parking experience

About San Diego, California

San Diego is one of the largest cities in the country with over 1.4 million people and is the second-largest city in California. Sitting on the border with Mexico, the San Diego-Tijuana urban area has a population of nearly 5 million in the larger metropolitan area and is the busiest international crossing the country.

Known for its fair year-round weather and beaches, the city is a popular spot for tourists and was named one of the top ten best climates in the United States. On average, San Diego hosts more than 30 million visitors every year.

Popular tourist attractions include Balboa Park, the Belmont amusement park, the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld. The city’s Mexican and Spanish heritage is reflected in many sites around the city and are popular spots for those interested in history.

Local sight-seeing cruises are popular, with people going on the water for whale watching. Sportfishing is another popular attraction, as San Diego has one of the biggest sport fishing fleets in California.

San Diego’s cultural institutions are popular with people visiting the city and with city residents alike. The San Diego Museum of Art, the San Diego Natural History Museum, the Museum of Us, the Museum of Photographic Arts and the San Diego Air & Space Museum are all located in Balboa Park along with the San Diego Zoo.

The city’s economy is also associated with military and defense, trade, and manufacturing. San Diego is home to the largest naval fleet in the world, with 53 ships and more than 35,000 sailors, marines, civilian employees and contractors.

Many residents come to San Diego to study or work at the University of California San Diego – the research institution is the second-largest employer in the city after the United States Navy. San Diego State University and the San Diego Community College District are other institutions that are housed in the city.

San Diego is home to only one major professional sports team, MLB’s San Diego Padres. The city used to be home to the San Diego Chargers, an NFL team, but the team moved to Los Angeles in 2017.

Parking Lot Services We Offer

No matter where in San Diego you are or what kind of parking situation you have, Parking Pass is your one-stop solution for parking lot management. We have developed a range of tools we can customize to meet your needs:

Whether it’s just one issue, or many, at Parking Pass, we have total solutions for you.

Assigned Parking Spot Management

Easily assign and manage parking spaces in your parking lot or parking garage.

Parking Enforcement

Manage your digital parking permits online for ease-of-access, including online parking reports and citations to easily enforce your parking policies and regulations.

Visitor Parking Management

24/7 paperless online guest vehicle registration without the fuss. Nothing to print or place on the vehicle.

Parking Reports

Easy to read reports and graphs provide a snapshot of a property’s parking situation.

Digital Parking Permit Management

The resident-friendly solution that prevents high towing/booting charges for residents that seldomly violate rules & regulations.

Automated License Plate Readers

Computer-controlled, high-speed cameras that capture and convert license plate data.

Online Parking Registration

Your residents can complete an online registration and approval process so you can get started on managing your lot efficiently.

Parking Citations

Our parking citation system is incorporated with the rules and regulations that are customized by the client.

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