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If you’re looking for parking management software in New Jersey, contact the specialists at Parking Pass:

  • Parking solutions customized for your needs
  • Assign and manage parking spaces
  • Create revenue in multiple ways
  • Access to the user portal 24/7

Our clients want simple parking management, they choose us because:

  • We have paperless options
  • Our software creates reports for improvements
  • You maintain complete control 

When you need parking management solutions in New Jersey, call us at (800) 322-5535 or use our free form to schedule a demo.

Home to over 8.8 over million people, this coastal state, has a rich history between the Civil War, farming and immigration. New Jersey is located along the Atlantic Ocean and shares borders with New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware. 

Residents and tourists flock to major hotspots like:

Howell Living History Farm

A unique attraction located in Lambertville, this outdoor living museum focuses on farm life from the past in New Jersey. You can explore what life was like on the farm across 130 acres of land.

Sterling Hill Mining Museum

Located in Ogdensburg, this museum highlights what the working and living conditions of miners were when the area was a mining town. Mine tours are available and allow visitors to explore the underground maze.

Montclair Art Museum

Opened in 1914, the Montclair Art Museum is home to a large, 12,000 piece collection of sculptures, paintings and photos. This museum is dedicated to American and Native American artists, and provides a great insight to U.S. artists.

Monmouth Battlefield

A state park in Freehold that covers around 3,000 acres, this historic site hosted one of the largest battles of the American Civil War. Every summer re-enactments are staged. Visitors can also hike or view a restored farmhouse on the property.

Ellis Island

Dually located in New York and New Jersey, Ellis Island served as the main Immigration office in New York for 50 years starting in 1892. Over 12,000 people were processed each day. You can tour the island and learn what it was like to immigrate to the United States.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City is the East Coast’s version of Las Vegas, predominantly a casino and nightlife driven town, bringing a lot of tourists into New Jersey.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Common Parking Problems in New Jersey

Parking in New Jersey can be difficult. With hot spots like Atlantic City, finding street parking or parking garages in New Jersey is tough in peak hours. For businesses and residents, simplifying the parking process and ensuring that there are enough spaces is crucial.

Residents who commute to New York have to compete for spots after work with tourists and people that are enjoying all of the great amenities that New Jersey has to offer.

Parking Solutions in New Jersey

As the number of tourists and residents in New Jersey continues to grow every year, parking solutions are a must for the residential and commercial spots across the city. At Parking Pass, we work in areas large and small, with a range of demands from their parking management systems.

Parking Services We Offer

Parking Pass is your one-stop solution for parking lot management services. We offer a range of tools to meet your needs:

  • Online Parking Registration & Approval: A paperless management system at your fingertips.
  • Built-In Payment Gateway: An easy method to collect charges.
  • License Plate Readers: Computer-controlled cameras that collect data.
  • Real-Time Messaging: Easy way for managers to communicate with residents.

No matter how big or small your needs are, at Parking Pass, we have complete solutions for you.

Get A Parking Demonstration from Parking Pass

Parking Pass is an industry leader with more than five years of experience in providing parking lot solutions. Simplify your parking situation easier with Parking Pass.

Call us today at (800) 322-5535 or fill out a form to schedule a demo of our software.

Assigned Parking Spot Management

Easily assign and manage parking spaces in your parking lot or parking garage.

Parking Enforcement

Manage your digital parking permits online for ease-of-access, including online parking reports and citations to easily enforce your parking policies and regulations.

Visitor Parking Management

24/7 paperless online guest vehicle registration without the fuss. Nothing to print or place on the vehicle.

Parking Reports

Easy to read reports and graphs provide a snapshot of a property’s parking situation.

Digital Parking Permit Management

The resident-friendly solution that prevents high towing/booting charges for residents that seldomly violate rules & regulations.

Automated License Plate Readers

Computer-controlled, high-speed cameras that capture and convert license plate data

Online Parking Registration

your residents can complete an online registration and approval process so you can get started on managing your lot efficiently.

Parking Citations

Our parking citation system is incorporated with the rules and regulations that are customized by the client.

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