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Avoid parking issues in Houston! Parking Pass uses digital parking software to help lot managers and owners with their parking enforcement needs using:

  • Paperless parking decals
  • Online parking registration & approval
  • Easily accessible weekly or monthly parking reports
  • Assigned guest parking
  • Customized parking rules and regulations

By using our parking software, we can make your parking lot management solutions simple and easy with:

  • Total control and access to a centralized lot management database
  • Paperless, eco-friendly, and a virtually contactless parking experience
  • Weekly or monthly generated parking reports

Over the past five years, Parking Pass has given peace of mind to our hundreds of customers. If you’re interested in parking lot solutions in Houston call us at (800) 322-5535 or fill out our form to schedule a free demonstration of our software.

About Parking in Houston

In Houston, depending on who you ask, there are either too many parking spaces, or not enough. Within the more walkable neighborhoods of Houston, real estate developers like Pejman “PJ” Jamea of the Oxberry Group believe that the removal of parking requirements is a blessing in disguise. They can use the spaces that they would’ve used for parking lots to allocate space for extra workspace or additional storage for their inventory.

On the other hand, since there is no parking lot cap, most retail developers expand their lots well over the minimal required amount of spaces per new development. They do this because, if there are more available spaces to park, more customers will be likely to shop and thus spend more money.

Whether you’re of like mind with urban developers like PJ, or your business is in the market to maximize its revenue stream, parking management solutions don’t come easy.

At Parking Pass, we can help lot managers and owners combat parking issues like:

  • Unregistered drivers parking on your property
  • Unpaid parking citations from current guests/residents
  • Increased and uncontrollable traffic flow in and out of your property

Houston Parking Lot Solutions

Whether you’re part of an HOA, a multifamily development, a towing company or apartment complex manager, we can help you put your parking management solutions in order without using a paper-based system!

The industries we currently serve include, but are not limited to:

  • Multifamily: We can help set clear rules and regulations to avoid any unnecessary fighting about who can park where.
  • Condominiums & HOAs: Using our centralized database, you can easily regulate drivers coming in and out of your property based on updated digital lease paperwork.
  • Security & Lot Enforcement: Using our automated license plate readers, your security and lot enforcement can cut their time in half while patrolling your lot.
  • Concerts & Sporting Events: During concerts, sporting events and festivals, parking lots can become quite a zoo. Get rid of extraordinarily long lines and streamline your attendee’s parking experience.
  • Universities: Students and faculty don’t want to wait around for class to get out to have an available space. Avoid the confrontation and let Parking Pass get to work quick helping your security and patrol teams enforce your specific parking policies.
  • Commercial & Business: As a parking management software provider, we make it easier to enforce secure parking measures at commercial and business parking lots.

Parking Management Services in Houston

Parking Pass is your one-stop solution for parking lot management. We have developed a range of tools which can help improve everyday parking enforcement:

No matter how little or numerous your parking problems may be, Parking Pass has total solutions for all your parking lot management needs.

Assigned Parking Spot Management

Easily assign and manage parking spaces in your parking lot or parking garage.

Parking Enforcement

Manage your digital parking permits online for ease-of-access, including online parking reports and citations to easily enforce your parking policies and regulations.

Visitor Parking Management

24/7 paperless online guest vehicle registration without the fuss. Nothing to print or place on the vehicle.

Parking Reports

Easy to read reports and graphs provide a snapshot of a property’s parking situation.

Digital Parking Permit Management

The resident-friendly solution that prevents high towing/booting charges for residents that seldomly violate rules & regulations.

Automated License Plate Readers

Computer-controlled, high-speed cameras that capture and convert license plate data.

Online Parking Registration

Your residents can complete an online registration and approval process so you can get started on managing your lot efficiently.

Parking Citations

Our parking citation system is incorporated with the rules and regulations that are customized by the client.

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