Want to easily generate revenue at the property you patrol? With the easy-to-use and incredibly effective enforcement features of ParkingPass.com, generating additional revenue is a snap. Consider our Enforcement Partner Program to get started.

Enforcement Features of ParkingPass.com

Being able to generate revenue using our software starts with having built-in features that allow for effective parking enforcement. That is why ParkingPass.com is built with proper parking enforcement in mind. This includes features such as:

  • Customized Parking Policies: During the onboarding process with the lot owner, the software is tailor-fit to the rules and regulations of the parking lot. These regulations can be changed at any time. This customized software allows for ease and accuracy of enforcement.
  • Announcements and Messaging: With the ability to make general announcements as well as directly message tenants, it is easy to curb potential violators as well as get the word out of new regulations.
  • Automated Patrol Using LPRs: We integrate License Plate Readers into our software to allow automatic checking of license plates to ensure that everyone parked in the lot is meant to be there.
  • One-of-a-Kind LPR Mobile App: Along with Car Mounted and Stationary LPRs, we also offer a completely unique mobile app option built for quick and convenient license plate scanning.

Our software is built to service a wide range of industries. That is why we offer software that is completely tailored to your needs with generating revenue at top of mind.

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