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If you’re in need of parking management software in the Chicago area, contact us at Parking Pass. Our parking management software covers a range of parking management needs and we specialize in alleviating those needs by:


  • Giving you total control over your lot management using our convenient tools
  • Helping you generate more revenue for your property
  • Allowing your security lot personnel to easily identify those that are registered to park on your property

Over the past five years, Parking Pass has given peace of mind to our hundreds of customers within the Chicago area and nationwide because:

  • We provide a platform which can help you enforce your property-specific parking policies and regulations
  • We’ll help you transition from your old, paper-based lot management system to a completely paperless system
  • You have 24/7 access to the user portal for you and your customers

Contact us today at (800) 322-5535 and schedule your free parking demo and see why our clients choose us to make their parking management simple and easy.

Parking Solutions in Chicago, Illinois

With a population of over 2.6 million people, Chicago is the third-largest city in America. With so many people, it’s obvious that parking is an issue for residents, commuters and tourists alike. At Parking Pass, we’ve spent over five years serving the Chicago area, finding solutions to parking management needs.

We offer software services for multiple verticals: multifamily, for those who need apartment parking solutions, condominiums & HOAs, for those who need specific assigned parking, security and lot enforcement, to create a safe parking experience for all, as well as for concerts and sporting events, universities, and businesses.

About Chicago, Illinois

Known as the Windy City, Chicago sits on the shores of Lake Michigan. The city is a hub for many industries, such as finance, education, technology, and transportation. The city’s 58 million visitors make it the second-most visited city in the United States, only behind New York City.

Many buildings make up Chicago’s famous skyline, including the Willis Tower and the John Hancock Center. City landmarks include the Navy Pier, the Magnificent Mile, Millennium Park, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

A number of universities call Chicago home, too. The University of Chicago, Northwestern University, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Columbia College are all housed within the city.

Chicago is a destination for sports lovers and was named the “Best Sports City” three times since 1990. The city has the third-most amount of franchises in the four major American sports leagues at five: two Major League Baseball teams (the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox), a National Football League team (the Chicago Bears), a National Basketball Association team (the Chicago Bulls), and a National Hockey League team (the Chicago Blackhawks).

Common Parking Problems in Chicago

In a large city with so much to offer, it’s no surprise parking can be difficult. Many residents have complained to news reporters that parking measures taken by the city, as well as ticketing and enforcement, are unfair.

During sports games, or important university events, it can always be a struggle to find a good parking space at a fair price and a good location so you don’t have to walk long distances in a neighborhood you’re unfamiliar with.

Residents and businesses in Chicago also should not have to worry about parking when considering a move or relocation. That’s where good parking management software can come in handy.

Services We Offer

Parking Pass is your one-stop solution for parking management services. We offer a range of tools to meet your needs, however big or small. Whether you need digital parking permit management, assigned parking spot management, guest parking, information about our license plate reader integration, information on how use online parking registration, parking enforcement, and easily accessible parking citations and parking reports, we have total solutions for you and more–just look below!

Assigned Parking Spot Management

Easily assign and manage parking spaces in your parking lot or parking garage.

Parking Enforcement

Manage your digital parking permits online for ease-of-access, including online parking reports and citations to easily enforce your parking policies and regulations.

Visitor Parking Management

24/7 paperless online guest vehicle registration without the fuss. Nothing to print or place on the vehicle.

Parking Reports

Easy to read reports and graphs provide a snapshot of a property’s parking situation.

Digital Parking Permit Management

The resident-friendly solution that prevents high towing/booting charges for residents that seldomly violate rules & regulations.

Automated License Plate Readers

Computer-controlled, high-speed cameras that capture and convert license plate data.

Online Parking Registration

Your residents can complete an online registration and approval process so you can get started on managing your lot efficiently.

Parking Citations

Our parking citation system is incorporated with the rules and regulations that are customized by the client.

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